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Welcome to our online video store for A World of Accordions Museum. Video purchases on this page go to support our physical museum in Superior, Wisconsin. We preserve and promote the cultural heritages of the museum’s 1,300 accordion-family-instruments, show their relevance to modern times, and we serve players and organizations of national and international musical importance. Our museum presents categorized displays identifying chronological evolutions in diatonic (bisonar) and chromatic (unisonar) instruments from their 1800 beginnings to state-of-the-art finest examples, in racks showing countries of origin, brand-name manufacturers, our Traveling Museum favorites, and other specialized topics. Our Accordion-concertina Repair and Technician’s School annually services our instruments and those of hundreds of aficionados, and trains occupational professionals. Our Accordion Resource Center Libraries house over a million pieces of music, thousands of books and recordings, and preserves the musical estates of major figures of the accordion world. Our concert series brings world-renowned artists in performance at our acoustically ideal concert hall. All this in a landmark building of architectural interest.

None of this would be possible without our supporters. Please make a donation today by enrolling in one of our online collections of concert and workshop recordings.

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